Monday, May 9, 2011

Autocomplete text to some function or variable.

Ctrl+Space is one of the two most important keyboard shortcuts that eclipse offers. This one is probably commonly known for autocomplete in eclipse, but not many people know that it is also context sensitive. For example, hitting Ctrl + Space when you are in the middle of typing will show you all members and methods that begin with your text. But hitting Ctrl + Space when you have nothing typed shows you all members and properties available. But the real eclipse masters know that, hitting Ctrl + Space when you type in for or foreach will show you autocomplete options for generating a for loop or for each loop. And if you do it right after you assign something to a collection or a list, it will fill in the loop variables for the for each loop. Autocomplete after typing in test, will allow you to generate the skeleton of a JUnit test case method. Autocomplete after typing in new, generates you a skeleton for a new call, which you can tab through and fill in. So many more uses and use cases for Ctrl + Space that can be found. You can generate / override method signatures in child classes. Just use and abuse it, and you will learn so much.

Write sysou and hit Ctrl+Space, following will be generated:
Similarily various macros are converted to respective words, eg. syserr, ifelse, etc.

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