Thursday, May 19, 2011

LinkedList in java


LinkedList also implements List. But unlike its brothers like ArrayList and Vector, it doesn't use arrays as their underlying implementation. In a LinkedList each element has a pointer to the element before it and to the element following it. Because of this LinkedLists and ArrayLists will perform differently from processing time and memory usage standpoints. So it gives kind of sequential access and not random access. See the post – difference between iterator and index access for more.

I am not going to get into all the differences in performance here except to say a LinkedList can add elements very quickly to its beginning or middle, and there is no capacity to manage. Ultimately performance really depends on what you are doing with your collection. When performance is a concern you are best off testing each side by side and seeing which is better for your particular application.

Common methods of LinkedList

A simple example on LinkedList

User-defined implementation of linked list in java

Further you can implement your on linkedList in java.

SimpleSinglyLinkedList implemented in java

SimpleDoublyLinkedList implemented in java

Performance of List implementations in java

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