Thursday, May 19, 2011

Standard Constructors for SortedSet interface

By convention, all Collection implementations provide a standard constructor that takes a Collection, and SortedSet implementations are no exception. This constructor creates a SortedSet object that orders its elements according to their natural order. Additionally, by convention, SortedSet implementations provide two other standard constructors:

  • One that takes a Comparator and returns a new (empty) SortedSet sorted according to the specified Comparator.
  • One that takes a SortedSet and returns a new SortedSet containing the same elements as the given SortedSet, and sorted according to the same Comparator (or using the elements' natural ordering, if the specified SortedSet did too). Note that the compile-time type of the argument determines whether this constructor is invoked in preference to the ordinary Set constructor, and not the runtime type!
The first of these standard constructors is the normal way to create an empty SortedSet with an explicit Comparator. The second is similar in spirit to the standard Collection constructor: it creates a copy of a SortedSet with the same ordering, but with a programmer-specified implementation type.

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