Thursday, May 19, 2011

Common methods of LinkedList in java

Often LinkedLists are selected for use because of the methods in this class. LinkedList has most of the common methods ArrayList has (add(), get(), set(), remove(), size(), etc) plus a number of new methods that can be very convenient:

addFirst(object) & addLast(object): adds the object to the beginning or end of the LinkedList.

peek(): This just returns the first element of the LinkedList. Appreciate this method name: The language architect here seemed to be feeling cutesy, which you don't see often.

poll():This returns and removes the first element of the LinkedList. Also this will return null if the LinkedListis empty.

offer(): Attempts to add object to the end of the LinkedLists, and returns a Boolean based on weather it was added or not.

removeFirst() & removeLast(): Returns and removes the last element.

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