Sunday, May 1, 2011

Programming hells you can think off

Every approach has its pros and cons but when something becomes too difficult to handle and that to frequently, it becomes a hell for us.

So a hell is nothing but a problem that comes back to you without any fault from writing the code but because of using some methodology or standard.

The problems with various approaches become more painful when the application scales.

Here are some common hells. Probably you may like to add more to the list.
1) DLL Hell:
A kind of dependency hell where Windows can't locate a DLL when you start or use an application

2) XML Hell:
You keep on adding XML's and at a later stage find it very difficult to maintain (Reason why annotations in EJB3 came up)

3) Jar Hell:
After all the classloader have run, the required dependent class in a particular jar has not been loaded.


There are so many versions of Jar files released which confuses you about the right version of jar to use.

4) Meta Data Hell:
All those who have used annotations for hard coding various kind of stuff have felt this hell.

5) Redirect Hell:
This relates to extra processing by various websites before being actually shown the page being sought. Google, Yahoo, MSFT, Facebook, Twitter- all do such things and sometimes frustrate us.

6) Dependency Hell:
Have you ever installed a game and found that the version of DirectX you have is not compatible with the game. You need to download and install the proper version.

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