Sunday, May 1, 2011

Online java compilers

What is common between,, and

If you are sitting on a machine on which Java is not installed and you can not even download Java because of some reason but you have internet connectivity then there is no one stopping you from compiling and testing your source code. There are many online compilers available on the internet which can be used to see the output of the code you have written.

Some of them are powerful and some are not. Here are some of them reviewed.


a) You can specify source files using the browse button
b) You can also specify the Jar files which are required for the compilation to complete
c) You can doenload the compiled .class files individually or download a zip/gz file containing all the classes.
d) The compiler interface can be extended by creating your own HTML page and calling the JXXX compiler's cgi APIs.
e) The website can run the applets for you.
f) Supports JDK 1.5 and JDK 1.6
g) The source files can have packages.
h) There are multiple options availale to pass to the javac command.
i) Works with IE as well as Firefox.

a) A maximum of 5 source and 5 jar files can be specified in one go.
b) The source files should have ASCII text only.
c) You can not browse a folder to compile all the source files under the folder.


a) You can specify the program to use the server JDK or local JDK (JAVA_HOME needs to be set).
b) You can maintain multiple projects.
c) You can create multiple source files with built in syntax highlighter and then you can refer these source files as they are in the same package.
d) You can use Google/OpenID account for this website and store projects for later reference.
e) Compiles and runs the program and then displays the output.

a) Seems to run only on IE and not Firefox
b) There is only one default package named com and you can not create more packages.
c) You can not get the compiles .class files.


a) Works in Firefox also.
b) It has options for multiple programming languages.
c) You can run the code to view the output.
d) You have a built in syntax highlighter.

a) Though the source code is available for later viewing purpose, you can not get the .class files generated by the compiler.
b) Supports only JDK 1.6


Seems to be not working in neither Firefox and nor IE. You can try your luck with this online Java compiler and Runner.

You can see these observations, but may be some changes they must have dist, after this blog.

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