Monday, June 6, 2011

Eclipse tip: Add a short cut key to Skip All Breakpoints

Eclipse doesn’t have a short cut key bound by default to the ‘Skip all breakpoints’ functionality. So again and again I had to manually skip the breakpoints.
Here is how you can set the short key. While you are at it, you probably want to define a few more shortcuts to functionality you use frequently.
In Eclipse, go to Window > Preferences > Type in ‘Keys’ in the search box > Select ‘Keys‘ to get the screen to edit the command bindings.
Search for the ‘Skip All Breakpoints’ command. Add your preferred shortcut at the Binding field, and in When use debugging.
 I use Ctrl+Alt+B. So when I press Ctrl+Alt+B all break points are skipped. If I again press it all breakpoints are restored.
If you toggle that bit of functionality as often as I do, you know this is gonna save you a bunch of time.

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