Thursday, June 30, 2011

Types of developmental styles for Web services

There are two development styles: Contract Last OR Code first and Contract First.

Code First approach or Bottum up approach
When using a contract-last approach, you start with the Java code, and let the Web service contract (WSDL, see sidebar) be generated from that.

Contract First approach OR Top Down approach
When using contract-first, you start with the WSDL contract, and use Java to implement said contract. Start with a WSDL contract and generate Java class to implement the service.

The Contract-First wsdl approach requires a good undertanding of WSDL and XSD (XML Schema Definition) for defining message formats. It’s a good idea to start with Code-First if you are fairly new to web services. Later you will look at how to start web service development using the Contract-First approach.

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