Monday, June 27, 2011

New JDK 7 primer

Although I knew about the small language enhancements going into JDK7, named Project Coin, quite some time back it was only today that I got around to actually coding and trying them all out primarily due to prior laziness and poor editor support. Yes I know – there’s plenty of docs on Project Coin out there already. This is mine.
And now that JDK7 actually has a finite number of steps in its release schedule and is scheduled for release on 28/07/2011 we know our efforts in learning the new feature set are not going to waste and that very soon we’ll be able to write production code with this knowledge to make the industry a better place which is ultimately what is important.
Here I present a quick primer for the uninitiated. The small language enhancements going into JDK7 are as follows.
  1. Strings in switch
  2. Binary integral literals
  3. Underscores in numeric literals
  4. Multi-catch and more precise rethrow
  5. Improved type inference for generic instance creation(diamond)
  6. try-with-resources statement
  7. Simplified varargs method invocation

Compiling Java 7

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