Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Disadvantage of Hibernate

1) Steep learning curve.

2) Use of Hibernate is an overhead for the applications which are :• simple and use one database that never change• need to put data to database tables, no further SQL queries• there are no objects which are mapped to two different tablesHibernate increases extra layers and complexity. So for these types of applications JDBC is thebest choice.

3) Support for Hibernate on Internet is not sufficient.

4) Anybody wanting to maintain application using Hibernate will need to know Hibernate.

5) For complex data, mapping from Object-to-tables and vise versa reduces performance andincreases time of conversion.

6) Hibernate does not allow some type of queries which are supported by JDBC. For example It doesnot allow to insert multiple objects (persistent data) to same table using single query. Developerhas to write separate query to insert each object.

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