Thursday, March 17, 2011

Motives behind spring

Java has many benefits but it is facing increasing competition from advanced in .NET and PHP. One of the problems with current Java and J2EE development is that it requires too much non-business logic related code.

Java and J2EE development is also progressing especially with open source development such as free libraries and tools. What this also means is that the knowledge and experience of writing quality applications is also increasing. Maintenance of applications is the largest phase of most projects and typically in J2EE applications there is a lot of code that deals with non-business logic. The Spring framework allows developers to focus on developing the main business logic of an application and be less concerned with remembering if the database connection has been correctly closed.

Spring makes it possible to configure and compose complex applications from simpler components. In Spring,application objects are composed declaratively,typically in an XML file. Spring also provides much infrastructure functionality (transaction management,persistent framework integration,etc.),leaving the development of application logic to you.

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