Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring : ServiceLocatorFactoryBean Interface

This interface is used for lazy initialization of beans:

The problem with ApplicationContextAware and ObjectFactory is the component is coupled with the spring API.

Steps required

Step 1

Now to achieve 100% abstraction, we need some way by which Spring can dynamically create the instance of another bean and return it to us. So this is what we do as our first step:

//the interface implemented by various impl classes
public interface BillPaymentService {

//step 1
public interface BillPaymentServiceFactory {

public BillPaymentService getService();

Step 2

public interface CustomerService{ 
void payBill(double amt)
public class CustomerServiceImpl3 implements CustomerService {

private BillPaymentServiceFactory billPaymentServiceFactory;

public void setBillPaymentServiceFactory(
BillPaymentServiceFactory billPaymentServiceFactory) {
this.billPaymentServiceFactory = billPaymentServiceFactory;

public void payBill(double amt) {
BillPaymentService billService = billPaymentServiceFactory.getService();
//we need to call some method of BillPaymentService here. Right now not required.

Step 3 :  Xml config

<!-- We are using the ServiceLocatorFactoryBean here -->
<!-- In the bean just refer to serviceLocator -->
bean id="customerService3" class="com.xxxxx.CustomerServiceImpl3">
<property name="billPaymentServiceFactory" ref="serviceLocator"/>

<bean id="serviceLocator"
<property name="serviceLocatorInterface" value="com.xxxxx.BillPaymentServiceFactory"/>

We are injecting the ServiceLocator in CustomerService bean which implement factory interface for us and provide an instance of the target bean transparently.

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