Sunday, March 20, 2011

Types of Properties in java

 Let us understand the types of properties are to be managed. This just a high level view of properties.
 Here are four characteristics to consider:
  • Are some properties environment specific – in other words, do they have a different value in one environment than another? For example, a database connection string would differ in the TEST environment than it would the PROD environment.
  • Do any properties contain sensitive information, like passwords or credentials, that can’t sit in plain text in the deployment unit (e.g. WAR, EAR)?
  • Do any properties need to be located external from the deployment unit (e.g. on the file system rather than in the WAR, perhaps to be managed by a systems administrator)?
  • Should properties be dynamic, in the sense that they can be updated at runtime (i.e. without requiring a restart of the application)? 

 Each of these special characteristics adds a degree of complexity to applications - necessitating additional infrastructure beyond the simple Java Properties class.

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