Thursday, September 23, 2010

Examining classes using reflections in java

Following is required to examine a class:

Retrieving Class Objects

First things first. Before you can find out anything about a class, you must first retrieve its corresponding Class object.

Getting the Class Name

It's easy to find out the name of a Class object. All you have to do is invoke the getName method.

Discovering Class Modifiers

This section shows you the methods you need to call to find out what modifiers a particular class has.

Finding Superclasses

In this section you'll learn how to retrieve all of the Class objects for the ancestors of a given class.

Identifying the Interfaces Implemented by a Class

If you want to find out what interfaces a class implements, then check out this section.

Examining Interfaces

In this section you'll learn how to tell if a Class object represents an interface or a class. You'll also get some tips on how to get more information about an interface.

Identifying Class Fields

         This section shows you how to discover what fields belong to a class, and how to find out more about these fields by accessing Field objects.

Discovering Class Constructors

This section, which introduces the Constructor class, explains how to get information about a class's contructors.

Obtaining Method Information

To find out about a class's methods, you need to retrieve the corresponding Method objects. This section shows you how to do this.

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