Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Interface And Abstraction – Spiritual Explanation

“What is the difference between interface and abstract class?”, a typical interview question . Answer is so obvious, and we can list at least 3 differences. Here is an attempt to correlate Object Oriented world with spiritual world, and explain abstraction and interface.

“Soul is an abstract notion realized by concrete living being”. So as per OO world, if you got “Soul” as abstract class, you got to have a concrete class “Life”. Soul can not operate without Life.
Just like I said object is an entity with an objective to live, abstract class can live through concrete class. Inheritance is the only mechanism for an abstract class to live. Spiritually, Soul operates through life. Life is an object with a process thread running in it.

In Spiritual world, it is said that “Soul carries the karma (good or bad actions) from previous life, which has influences in the new life”. If you consider this statement, karma is the action log recorded into the abstract class.
Body is an interface to life (and hence interface to Soul) and real world. so IBody can be implemented by body of human, bird or any living creature. Once the objective is complete in this real world, destructor is called on life object. However actions are kept recorded (like log files) in the abstract class through out this new life.
In every new life actions recorded in abstract class is not revealed, as it is private declaration . Only the ultimate object builder (God)  has access to it. Object builder reads this private variable, and makes the decision of choosing a new interface for Soul. Dispose method is programmed to be called in a timer function. When timer event fires, dispose is called, and the Life object is disposed terminating the process thread.

After thread is terminated and Life is disposed, Object builder reads the record log from Soul class. Based on the karma recorded in the log, a new object with the suitable interface (body) is created, and Life is induced into it with a process thread. And a timer is started in the Life class, which when fires Thread Abort is called.

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