Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pre-requisites for hibernate

We need following tools and binaries:

1.The IDE used is Eclipse Indigo(latest one while writing this post).
2.Hibernate binaries(Hibernate Core 3.6.5 final) can be downloaded from here
3.Database HSQLDB 1.9 or H2 database or any other database

The next step is unzip Hibernate Tools 3.2.4 GA and put features and plugins contents to features and plugins directory of Eclipse Galileo. Ensure you have closed Eclipse IDE prior to this step and once you are done with copying part then restart the Eclipse Galileo.

You have to ensure following JARs have been included in the project:

-hibernate3.jar(contains all core Hibernate files)
-slf4j-simple-1.5.8.jar(download it from here)
-hsqldb.jar(used for connecting to HSQL Database) or h2.jar (already present in bin folder of h2 downloaded zip)

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